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Last updated: 2nd September 2018

Your access to this site is subject not only to your acceptance of our Terms and Conditions, our Privacy Policy and our Cookies Policy but also to your acceptance of this Non Responsibility Policy and your use of the site constitutes your full acceptance of this Warning of Non Responsibility.

If you join either as a free member or as a subscriber, your acceptance of this warning notification, constitutes your acceptance that DreamDateWorldWide (The Business) or any of its connected companies, parent or otherwise, its’ employees, directors, agents and managers and any related third parties worldwide, will bear no responsibility whatsoever for any physical, psychological, mental or any other harm which results from any contact with our website.

It is the sole responsibility of you the Member/Subscriber (yourself) to take all and any necessary precautions and safety measures to protect yourself from any harm when using It is also your sole responsibility to ensure that all or any information you supply online can not be used for any purposes other than for which it was intended.

It is also the sole responsibility of you the Member/Subscriber to take sufficient safety precautions when contacting members online and particularly when meeting up with any other members offline.

DreamDateWorldWide does not accept any responsibility for any indiscretions, sexual or otherwise that might occur online or offline and as a Member or Subscriber, you agree to this condition and all other conditions relinquishing DreamDateWorldWide from any responsibility for any harm done to any individual both online and offline.

Your acceptance of this Warning of Non Responsibility constitutes that you, the Member or Subscriber (Yourself), assume ALL RISK when using the website including the website blog (, but is not limited to, all of the risks associated with any online or offline interactions with others, including all dating related activities and associated activities and by using the website, you agree to take all necessary precautions to afford yourself the maximum security and care available when meeting individuals met through the Site.

Any site specific information presented on this site has been written with the greatest of care and knowledge available at the time of writing but is offered solely as a reference on the understanding that you the user determine for yourself as to what is applicable or relevant to you and your requirements, and no guarantee is given regarding its completeness or accuracy.

Any information given in any Member or Subscribers profile is supplied by that Member or Subscriber and DreamDateWorldWide has no input to this content and therefore not responsible for any content that my offend in any way, however, we will make every effort to ensure that any content that we consider to be inappropriate is removed as soon as practically possible.

We implement a zero tolerance policy on any content added to any area of the website by any Member or Subscriber that is deemed to be offensive to any other Member or Subscriber. If any Member or Subscriber has been, or even thinks they have been targeted by any content in any other individuals profile content or any blog posts, or indeed in any other content area of the website, we urge you to contact DreamDateWorldWide admin immediately whereupon we will review the offending contant and take the relevant action, as necessary at the earliest possible time.

DreamDateWorldWide or any of its’ Directors, employees, agents or managers or connected third parties will not be liable in any way whatsoever for any losses or damages of any kind whatsoever, whether they are direct, indirect, or consequential damages related to the access of the website, its use, consultation, exploration, or links to other sites.

DreamDateWorldWide accepts no liability for the content of any third party websites accessed by links via and any of its’ subdomains or associated sites.

The data, logos, graphics, and graphic design itself, as well as all text and images appearing on this site are the sole property of DreamDateWorldWide and any reproduction not subject to express written permission from DreamDateWorldWide will be regarded as an infringement of its’ intellectual rights and will result in prosecution and demand for compensation.

Access to the website is offered solely for those who can legally access it. This legal access depends on the laws of the country from which you are accessing the website and that countries legal requirements governing the access to adult websites. DreamDateWorldWide hold or bear no responsibility, in any way whatsoever, for any person who accesses this site under a deceptive or dishonest manner.

DreamDateWorldWide will not be held accountable in any way whatsoever for anyone who accesses the site when not legally entitled to do so.

DreamDateWorldWide may freely refuse any person from joining without having to justify a reason and it cannot be held responsible for any such refusals.

Although we will do our utmost at all times to maintain a safe and legal environment, DreamDateWorldWide will not be held responsible for any inappropriate content that has been inadvertently overlooked. The responsibility for any content of any such nature lies solely with the Member or Subscriber who posted the inappropriate content.

DreamDateWorldWide (The Business) provide the dating platform for the use and pleasure of its’ Members and Subscribers and we request that all Members and Subscribers respect the lifestyles of all other Members and Subscribers and use the website responsibly as we can not be held responsible for any matter that arises out of irresponsible Member/Subscriber behaviour, however, what we can do is take action against any indiscretions which may involve account closure of any guilty parties and we reserve the right to undertake this action if we feel something (anything) untoward has taken place.

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