Safety Tips

Online dating is a great way to meet potential partners and can be very exciting however, anyone can falsify a dating profile and could present a danger to any unsuspecting date so there are a few advisory recommendations that we would like you to consider when online and when meeting anyone offline.

Firstly, always meet in a public place and during the daytime and in a place where there are other people close by. Coffee bars are a good example. You could ask a friend to call you half way through your date to make sure everything is going ok.

Never agree to be picked up at your home and tell a family member or a friend where you are going and what time you should be back and always take your phone with you.

Don’t give out any of your personal information until you feel comfortable to do so and try to avoid giving details about your home or work addresses.

Always have a backup plan in case things don’t go as expected and if you are having an alcoholic drink before you go for your date, don’t drink too much so you can keep a clear mind.

Remember to always act with caution. Follow your instincts and if anything feels uncomfortable, end the date and leave, preferably in a friendly manner.

When online ‘Never’ include any of the following in your dating profile; your last name, email address, phone numbers, home or work addresses or any other identifying information such as social media accounts etc. where there may be lots of personal information to hand.

Always break all contact to anyone who begins to pressurise you into anything and immediately stop messaging anyone who asks you for personal or financial information or attempts to trick you into revealing it and if this happens, always let a family member or friend know or discuss this with someone you can trust. If you feel at any kind of risk at any time, contact your local police in any event.

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